Tips on Selecting Suitable Domain Names For International Business

There are some very important and essential factors that need be considered when choosing a domain name for an international business. First of all, it is amazing how some brand consultancies make scary errors of recommending names that are intended for international business without first checking the availability of the domain names being recommended. Again, when trying to decide on branding, do not forget to bring the domain into view – given the fact that the two in recent time are too closely linked to be separated and especially so, when it comes to the international scenario. Marketers tend to follow the single global identity Single identity has a wide appeal to marketers. The evidence is clear with the popularity of dotcom built sites among global marketers. But the simple truth is that single identity may be ideal for some, but not to all. Above all, the global inference of going for a single identity, rather than going for something that catches the attention of the CEO is also there to consider. English or Keyword – Which One Suites, a Single Name? For a potential global player, it is sensible to avoid the first snappy English name that comes to heart, which perfectly seems to give the description of your service. Here’s an example, if you are a globally known localization consultancy, it will be a shabby idea to choose your domain name as ”, especially if you have intentions of running the same domain name across the entire world. Here’s the reasoning: it is possible and easy for most of the English-speaking population to assume that you only miss-spelt the word ‘localisation’. On the other hand, if you intend using a keyword domain name, here are essential things to do:

A good number of trademark registrars are equipped with online systems to help you verify if the registration trademarks you intend to use are already existing or not. A simple means to checking the word-meaning of your intended name in other languages is to reset the Google Keyword Tool to show ‘all languages’ and ‘all countries’. If you eventually come across huge amount of search results for a keyword you supposed to be flawless, take a closer look and you may be amazed to discover certain unanticipated and funny meanings that you would not want to associate your business with. Abstract Names – Secure Abstracts generally, it is quite difficult to come across a reasonable domain name that causes no problem either in English or other languages. The option that most people prefer is an abstract name. Such abstracts may entirely have no meaning; example is concise acronym which may stand for anything. Alternatively, it could be a coined or invented name usually based on combining various Latin words into an entirely new name.

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