Ms Donna Imson- Encouragement to many

If you have the “Zeal” within yourself to be successful, you surely would be successful.

This is certainly true, in case of Ms Donna Imson, she is the Executive Chairperson at QNET, where she continues to give her every possible effort, to drive the company towards greater heights in the highly competitive network marketing.

According to 2009 statistics, QNet has over 4 million member’s worldwide and physical presence in 160 countries.

Her story is unremarkably common, but she gave efforts to be successful and network marketing has made her life.

She was a common female, single parent of three kids, but still was successful as an entrepreneur because she believed in conforming, reforming and transforming things and ways of living her life. She followed the changes within her, to accomplish her goal, of being successful in network marketing.

Ms Donna Imson, like every mother wanted to have a nice living for her kids at the same time wanted to be available for her kids whenever they needed her. Network marketing seemed best option for her as business, and she performed an excellent role as both, mother and an entrepreneur.

All the IRs and other people, who are a part of MLM business, should learn from Ms Donna Imson on how she changed herself to benefit herself. For the first 3 months she was only attending presentations to know how she could convince her prospects. Attending various presentations, boosted her confidence, to speak and convince her would be prospects.

She made every effort to understand how people work, and how she should work to convince her prospects. Those three months had polished her to what she is today a “successful entrepreneur”.

Donna Marie Imson, is also an accomplished public speaker and trainer, and definitely, a role model for millions of hopeful women entrepreneurs across the world. She aggressively reaches out and guides hundreds of thousands of members through The V, QNET’s member training arm, where she is also a founding member. The V helps all the IRs to get well trained in their course of being successful entrepreneurs.

Moreover she is the Trustee for RYTHM Foundation, QNET’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm, where she pursues her tireless passion for philanthropy.

She is a live example of people who have been successful in Network marketing, and Inspiration for thousands of people who desire to make their career in network marketing.

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