Flying The Flag For Foreign Freight Services

One of the UK’s top freight forwarding companies is celebrating the first year of a fruitful association with logistics partner DMK Logistics in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Chambers and Cook Freight Ltd announced the partnership with DMK Logistics in March after a successful trade mission which was made in conjunction with IPTU (India Pakistan Trade Unit) and the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce.

DMK Logistics was established in 1970 and the success of the company meant that the business expanded from a small family run operation to a multi million pound organisation working out of Pakistan, Faisalabad, Karachi, Islamabad and Sialkot.

Chambers and Cook realised the potential of a partnership with the highly successful DMK Logistics and were keen to work with the company to expand their services to a wider market.

Since the partnership was founded in March Chambers and Cook have worked successfully with DMK to provide a range of services including cold chain reefer services, air freight and domestic distribution.

Chambers and Cook is a family owned company which offers extensive freight services across the world, including both air freight, sea freight and road freight. The company pride themselves on their ability to innovate and lead the field in freight services. To this end they have established a base of loyal clients who return to the company again and again thanks to their excellent level of service, attention to detail and ability to offer clients better services for lower costs.

Chambers and Cook have grown exponentially since the company was first formed in 1925 to become a global leader in the world of freight forwarding and logistics. Chambers and Cook are delighted that their partnership with DMK Logistics has proved to be a rousing success and company leaders are hoping that their triumph in Asia will lead to expansion even further afield.

It’s hard for anyone to imagine what the world would be like without international freight services. There are a myriad of products which we all take for granted that we would have no access to without international freight.

Anyone taking a look around their home will quickly see that many of the objects they have in their rooms, in their fridge and in their cupboards have come from overseas. In fact the UK gets a huge proportion of its food products from abroad and the British diet would be very different without foreign trade.

Chambers and Cook Ltd are proud to be a part of the UK’s involvement in global industry and continue to develop their services across the world.

In addition to offering freight services Chambers and Cook now also offer exhibitions services transporting exhibitions freight from venue to venue.

The company have been running exhibitions services for over ten years and have quickly become one of the country’s most successful exhibitions logistics providers.

Chambers and Cook travel all over Europe and the world picking up exhibitions freight and delivering it various venues. In fact, for many traders the company has become an integral part of their exhibitions services.

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