Werner International – Advanced Economies Fighting Wrong War

As the dollar continues its forced decline against those of its major trading partners, one gets the distinct feeling that the powers-that-be in Washington DC are fighting the wrong war. Let’s examine the objectives of this conflict; Uncle Sam believes that, by pressurizing China over its currency, the renminbi, it can a) increase the competitiveness of the goods it exports and b) preserve the jobs of those manufacturing and transporting said goods. “That’s nonsense”, suggest analysts at “Werner International”, “because, although China’s workforce is no longer the cheapest, it still undercuts that of the US by some considerable margin; a margin that even a 20% appreciation in the renminbi wouldn’t reduce to the point where the US could compete on pricing”.

Pricing is key and, like it or not, China still runs the show on that front. When those consumers were able to avail themselves of an abundance of credit, the price premium attached to the perceived higher quality of US exports could be easily offset by their desirability but now, consumers around the world, especially those in developed countries, face pay freezes, tax hikes and reduced job security: advantage, China!!

According to “Werner International”, the US should be far more focused on the re-tooling of their economy and their education systems to leverage the vast wealth tied up in the intellectual property rights and technological innovations that developing countries like China and others will pay handsomely to exploit. “Even if China allowed the renminbi to appreciate significantly against the US dollar – which it won’t � production will simply flow to countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Indonesia. The blue collar American laborer in Cleveland, Detroit or Pittsburgh isn’t likely to get a look in and, to be perfectly honest, we don’t think he want it; especially at the salary his Asian counterpart would take it for”, said the “Werner International” analyst.

One thing is certain and that is that the next decade will prove to be tremendously challenging for the US and other developed nations hoping to export their way out of crippling debt burdens. Washington undoubtedly recognizes this but is too mindful of the voting power that those most affected command. It’s likely that a middle-aged blue collar laborer in Pennsylvania who loses his job will be unable to compete in the new reality unless he retrains or moves to Ho Chi Minh City but, rest assured, before he does either, he will almost certainly be determined to exact retribution at the poll booths, if not in the November mid-terms then probably at the next general election.

The “Werner International” analyst concluded by saying, “The kind of export jobs that the US is trying hardest to preserve have already gone overseas and, by debasing the dollar, they risk driving up the price of imports like crude oil and, eventually, shattering their already punch-drunk recovery. It’s time to wave the white flag, concede the battle and move on to the war they can win”.

Re-designing your Electronic Product for Competitive Markets

It’s no secret that while the US and Europe continue to idle economically, Asia-or China specifically-is booming. China is the world’s fastest-growing economy, with growth rates around 10% over the past 30 years. It is also the largest exporter and second largest importer of goods in the world. So it’s not surprising that many Western companies want a piece of the “China pie.”

But while the prospect of selling products to a prospering China becomes more alluring, Western companies that are already under pressure domestically to squeeze profits-due to rising material prices, competition, and customers that are becoming more price-sensitive-find that these pressures are even more pronounced when selling to Chinese buyers. The challenge: Cutting costs to be able to compete with locally made Asian products.

At the end of the day, companies in China tend to be even more price conscious than their Western counterparts and are not as likely to value quality and time saving features. Why? Quality is normally analogous to a higher price, and time saved tends not to be all too important when labor is inexpensive. Although this may soon change. So even if your product performs 40% better than the Chinese alternative but it costs 60% more then you’ve lost your value proposition. The only way you’re going to sell it is if your product has a technological advantage over existing local products.

Design for China

From an aesthetic and functional point of view, your current design will need to be optimized. Typically customers won’t pay for features they don’t value, so redesigning or eliminating nonessential elements altogether becomes a priority-as does identifying the most important features and focusing on them.

In short, know your customers and truly understand their needs. Unlike luxury products which quickly get bought up regardless of cost (an iPhone in China can easily cost up to 3 times more), most electronic products on the other hand have slim profit margins and competition is fierce.

Selling in China Means Making it in China

Register Your Trademark

If you plan to market your product in Asia, then it would prove wise to register your brand as well as a patent. In the US, trademark registration is based on the first-to-use rule, which means that trademark rights are determined by who does it first. In China, however, trademarks are established by the first-to-file principle, which means that if a US company does business in China but does not file in China, then anyone can do it and ultimately interfere with your marketing, distribution, or even production.

Technology Transfer

Should you decide to approach OEMs to redesign your product, be careful of technology transfer as you may be inadvertently digging your own grave. OEM’s gain a substantial amount of knowledge when working on a project and become privy to your most valuable assets-technology and innovations. They have a tendency to use your project as a stepping stone and incorporate what they did for you into their own products–so you essentially fuel your own competition.

Check Knowledge of Custom Policy of Shipping Company

Shipping Pacakage Company should be well versed with the custom policies that are pertaining. Only being well acquainted with the custom policies will not be enough these need to be implemented well as it will not lead you in any issues. They should know about the current fees, rules and regulations, custom duties and also taxes. With this your shipping package will reach on time and that too in a proper manner.

Recognized for on time delivery

It is important that you make sure about the time that will be taken for package delivery. There is a possibility that the shipment might be stranded at the port or midway in a sea. The chances of any mishaps are high. However, only a good and responsible shipping company would take the initiative to inform their client about the delay in delivery and the reasons for it. Lot of shipping services has large scale business wherein everything is well organized. They will have a staff for taking packages and take a note of it into their systems. They will track and give you current information on the packages. There are few shipping companies that have consumer care services wherein you can speak to their executives to inquire about your delivery.

Check out certification

The foremost thing that you need to do is to make sure that shipping package service provider you are considering possesses license. Shipping company would be considered to be more reliable if they are approved by the government. When the company has license it can be said as officially authorized which means at the time of loss or delay or damage of Delivery Company will be responsible. However this need not be the only thing to be considered. The goods need to be unbroken as well as operational as these are going to be delivered to the clients.

Involves nil hidden cost

You will come across few shipping companies that will charge you some hidden cost which they might not have mentioned while you take up their services. Standard shipping charges will be charged by the shipping company. Once the shipping package is transferred these companies will ask for the custom transactions and other such things.

As a client you need to consider the above mentioned terms and if possible get it documented and signed by both the parties legally. You will however get an expert service through a contract.

How To Apply For Singapore Work Permit By Rikvin

Among the countries industrialzied today many companies have chosen new and growing mainly due to Singapore’s reputation and stability in terms of economic construction. Others have to move their headquarters in a trading competitive selling and reliability. “There is credible based on facts and figures.

The process of work permits in Singapore is managed by the Ministry of Labour. Based on the nature of the education qualification of employment and salary drawn per month, you can get a work permit or work permit.

Work Permit

This is for semi-skilled or unskilled individuals who earn less the SGD 2,500 a month.

Conditions for Employee

??? Should be above 16 years of age

??? Cannot be in Singapore while the application is being processed

Conditions for Employer

??? The prospective employer must first apply to the Controller of Work Permit before employing a foreigner

??? He must furnish a security deposit of $5,000 per worker in the form of Bank Guarantee or Insurance Guarantee.

??? Should get the In-Principal Approval (IPA) stating approval of the work permit.

Process Time – As the work permit is issued mostly to the unskilled workers, the recruitment depends on the industry they can work in. The time taken to issue it is usually 2 to 7 days. Disadvantages of Work Permit – They are not allowed to bring their spouse, children or any other family members. However, if the children of the work permit holders wishes to study in Singapore, they can do so by writing a Qualifying Test.

Employment Pass

??? This is given to individuals who have educational qualification

??? It is classified into ‘P’ Pass (P1 and P2 Pass) and ‘Q’ Pass

??? P1 Pass is for those with an income above SG$7,000 and P2 for those with an income between SG$3,500 and 7,000 per month

??? A person with a minimum educational qualification and income above SG$2,500 is qualified for ‘Q’ Pass

Documents Required

??? EP Application Form 8 endorsed by the Singapore employing company

??? Copies of educational certificates and past employment testimonials

??? Passport-size photograph taken within the past three months

??? Copy of the personal particulars page of the applicant’s passport.

Procedure and Process Time

??? Completed application must be submitted to the Ministry of Manpower

??? The processing time is about 3-4 weeks from the date of receipt of the application

??? The approval letter for an Employment Pass is valid for six months from the date it is issued

??? A first-time applicant may be issued Employment Pass of up to two years

??? The Employment Pass may be renewed each time for a period of 2-5 years

??? The application may be rejected taking into account several factors like applicant’s work experience, employer’s credentials, incomplete applications etc

Advantages and Disadvantages of ‘P’ and ‘Q’ Pass

??? ‘P’ Pass holders can apply for both Dependent Pass as well as Long-Term Visit Pass for their families.

??? ‘Q’ Pass holders can only apply for Dependent Pass but are not eligible to apply for Long-Term Visit Pass.

??? The Dependent Pass is valid as long as the Employment Pass is valid.

??? Employment Pass holders are eligible to apply for Permanent Residence of Singapore.

Renewal – The application for renewal of Employment Pass must be submitted 2 months before the expiry date.

Why Panic When There's Freight Transportation Services

In this market based world, transportation is indeed the most important factor given that we often tend to get worried. We often find that the commodities come in an appalling condition and are left helpless as neither would the money come back nor the quality of the product. Consider a very expensive gifr for your beloved one or your small kid back at home, wouldn’t you get a bit panicky when you see that your order got delayed or couldn’t make it at all?

There are a number of International Freight Companies who lure customers with their lucrative deals but fail to maintain their standards most of the time.Often, we fail to buy a product simply because of the fact that the product might not be in town or too costly to carry back. Not only does the money gets on stake but also the tension along with it. The speedy delivery is definitely a major factor why Freightguru are nowadays preferred more by the consumers, but also the fact that they deliver goods with utmost care. They offer LTL, local; air and ocean freight handling and also provides for warehousing services and tradeshow transportation.

Freight Transportation Services however provides excellent freight transportation service not only within just the US but also to various other international destinations. It is quite helpful as it adds to the ever growing want list of ours. With a very minimal shipping charge, the company provides for excellent services and has definitely brought immense happiness among the Indian consumers especially.

Another factor that helps us to get popularized among International Freight Companiesis the budget that they give out to their customers. Monetary reasons are always a factor for the consumers and when that gets cheaper along with the better quality, customers are sure to get glued to it. Each and every customer gets special individual attention and this helps in the overall process of the deal.

Freightguru has a special corporate account pricing that allows a person to save up to 20% of his expenditure if he is already using the services of some other Freight companies. The percentage though may sound nominal, but at the end of the day, account for thousands of dollars that the other companies use as their profit. Such is however not the case at Freightguru which is unquestionably another feature well acknowledged by the innumerable customers all over the world.

Previously, transportation of goods were done by road or railways but nowadays due to the immense market pressure, airways, and waterways has also been included by the companies as a medium of the transportation of goods. There are a number of such companiesthat have recently come in the market but very few are as good and safe as FreightTransportation Services. Their site is a very user friendly one and in case you have in mind a product you wish to import from abroad, you are just a click away.

Ms Donna Imson- Encouragement to many

If you have the “Zeal” within yourself to be successful, you surely would be successful.

This is certainly true, in case of Ms Donna Imson, she is the Executive Chairperson at QNET, where she continues to give her every possible effort, to drive the company towards greater heights in the highly competitive network marketing.

According to 2009 statistics, QNet has over 4 million member’s worldwide and physical presence in 160 countries.

Her story is unremarkably common, but she gave efforts to be successful and network marketing has made her life.

She was a common female, single parent of three kids, but still was successful as an entrepreneur because she believed in conforming, reforming and transforming things and ways of living her life. She followed the changes within her, to accomplish her goal, of being successful in network marketing.

Ms Donna Imson, like every mother wanted to have a nice living for her kids at the same time wanted to be available for her kids whenever they needed her. Network marketing seemed best option for her as business, and she performed an excellent role as both, mother and an entrepreneur.

All the IRs and other people, who are a part of MLM business, should learn from Ms Donna Imson on how she changed herself to benefit herself. For the first 3 months she was only attending presentations to know how she could convince her prospects. Attending various presentations, boosted her confidence, to speak and convince her would be prospects.

She made every effort to understand how people work, and how she should work to convince her prospects. Those three months had polished her to what she is today a “successful entrepreneur”.

Donna Marie Imson, is also an accomplished public speaker and trainer, and definitely, a role model for millions of hopeful women entrepreneurs across the world. She aggressively reaches out and guides hundreds of thousands of members through The V, QNET’s member training arm, where she is also a founding member. The V helps all the IRs to get well trained in their course of being successful entrepreneurs.

Moreover she is the Trustee for RYTHM Foundation, QNET’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm, where she pursues her tireless passion for philanthropy.

She is a live example of people who have been successful in Network marketing, and Inspiration for thousands of people who desire to make their career in network marketing.

Future of Indian Oil

Indian Stock Market occupied a top slot in 2006, together with an unexpected fluctuation with sudden rise and fall, but maintained the sensex mark. In 2006, the Bombay Stock Exchange crossed the 10,000 level mark.

The man-made fiber industry, in particular, is worried on the crude price front while cotton textile segment is content with the bumper cotton crop and low fiber prices. However, the entire textile segment is worried over competition from China, as it has cost advantage over India. Textile companies want Government policies to be favourable and in line those in the neighbouring textile nations.

Let the world knows how Manipuri are living in India and how they are facing humiliations everywhere since then! Manipur is the best team ever playing in the country so far. Without players from Manipur, football cannot be complete in India! This has jealous the progress and development of Manipur footballers throughout India.

OK, so you’ve got the message about the oil companies. Like the dinosaurs that they dig up, these huge juggernauts* will rule the world for a long time. Don’t fight it, get used to it, and learn to profit from it. If you don’t take my word for it, look at what the major investment managers are doing with their money.

Cloves are heated on tava and the heat is made to touch the palms of the bride with mehendi. An application of lemon and sugar over the hand with mehendi at regular intervals is also supposed to give a rich and longer lasting much desired colour. There are others who heat their hands with mehendi over the stove or apply tiger balm over their hands with mehendi because it is believed to give a lot of heat which makes the mehendi colour grow dark.

Thus the aroma of Sandalwood, similar to a man’s underarm perspiration, sends out a barely perceptible but highly effective erotic signal to the opposite sex. Maybe that’s why men often choose to use Sandalwood fragrance as a way to increase their manly aura of attraction to females.

For centuries a land devoted mainly to herding and trade, Dubai was rocketed into modern times by the discovery of oil just off of its coast in 1966. Enormous riches funded by oil production have produced a native population which, in the main, is well educated, healthy, highly paid and liberal minded. Tourism is actively courted in Dubai, particularly in the impressive Palm Islands development.

Manjunath was working as a sales officer with the Indian Oil Corporation when he was shot dead in November 19, 2005. The Indian oil corporation’s sales manager had challenged Mittal about the fuel adulteration at his pump and was about to fine him. That was when Mittal and his colleagues shot Manjunath and then hid his body.”Justice has been delivered. This is what we had hoped for,” said I B Singh, Lawyer, Manjunath Shanmugam Trust.

Experts feel that in five years, solar power will be cheap enough to compete with conventional electricity, even in UK, Africa, Australia and India. If that is the case more and more people will use solar energy in their homes. In a decade, the cost may have fallen so dramatically that solar cells could undercut oil, gas and coal. Technology is leaping ahead towards eco friendly, pollution free and a green future with the advent of solar energy homes.

International Courier Services. Getting The Best Deal And Saving Money

The International Courier market is one that is a highly competitive one. This is because there are an unprecedented amount of different services and companies to choose from. They all offer different prices, service products and with a wide range of companies to choose from, how can you distinguish which is the most reliable? Even though all of these courier companies offer the same types of service, they ultimately do exactly the same thing. This is delivering your package to an international destination; some quicker than others but that will be at a premium price. How do you know that you are receiving the best deal in terms of value for money? When it comes to choosing the best deal for your International Courier, there are many aspects that can sway your choice from one company to another.

This is usually based on the price of the overall service or the time frame that is associated with the delivery. Obviously, the quicker that you want your package delivered, the more it will cost. Is it possible to keep an eye out on these costs, when there are so many other companies to choose from that offer the same service? There are various methods in finding the best deal that suits your situation, both in price and service. One of these options is to incorporate the use of an independent company. They will act on your behalf and constantly monitor the market in addition to the recording the prices that are being offered by all of the other companies.

These types of consultants/brokers are able to find the best deal for you right away and what’s more is that you will not have to pay for this service, as the courier will pay them commission. With the digital environment being a solid part of everyday life, using the Internet to research prices for couriers online has never been so easy. Although there is no standardised structure in place, as there is to car insurance comparison sites for example, realising the cost of an International Courier service is very apparent. The Internet has allowed everyday errands to become more convenient, especially today. It is far more convenient to use online services as it will take away the time spent visiting or calling around researching different courier companies. When it comes to using an independent company, the broker will be more concerned about their reputation.

Having said this, you will find that they will only recommend the better providers, which in turn can assure you that it is the best courier in terms of service, price and feedback from existing customers. To summarise, if you are running a business, then understanding that getting the best deal on your International Courier service is something that can be worth doing. It will pay dividends as it may lead to repeat business and most importantly, happier clients. Saving a bit of money in the bank and having your mind at ease with the realisation that your packages will arrive safely and on time is something that is of great importance when it comes to choosing your courier services.

How to Get Global Trade Data For Export Import Business

There are various different sorts of global trade businesses. For instance, you may be an exporter of apparels or designer clothes. Or you may be an importer of similar items. The primary objective is to connect the exporter and the importer, so that business dealings can start taking place. That is the basic idea behind global trade.

But for business dealings to materialize quicker, all businesses want data. Without data, nothing happens in a planned and quick way. It does not matter if you are an importer or an exporter; you still require targeted business data. Suppose if you are an importer, you would need supplier contacts and if you are an exporter, you want buyers” contacts. So how do you go about getting export import data?

The slow and manual process of obtaining export import data.

You can obtain business data using trade directories and yellow pages. Generally, the business listings are ordered in such a way that it”s straightforward for anybody to find the appropriate contacts. The difficulty with this method is that it”s very sluggish. How do you contact these firms? Are you needed to email them or are you going to write down to them yourself? In this day and time, it doesn”t make sense to write letters. Email looks to be the good means to go. Technology is definitely here to stay.

Using different search engines for getting trade data.

Nowadays search engines are very helpful to locate the right type of business data you are searching for. For example, let”s say you are looking for farming tools. You are selling these tools, so you surely desire to confirm that the tools come inexpensively when you buy them. This will help out to boost your profit margins. Of course, you cannot compromise on quality. One way to buy farming tools cheaply without compromising on quality is to purchase at wholesale costs. When you purchase at wholesale, you benefit from bulk discounts.

So you type a keyword search in the search engines, using these keywords – “wholesale farming tools”. If you desire very precise results, include the double quotes. Or else, just leave the double quotes out. If you are searching for import shipment data in India, just add in the keyword “India” in your search phrase.

The fastest way to getting highly targeted business data – Trade portals.

Export import trade portals exist for one sole reason – that is to connect customers and suppliers from all over the globe. These portals conduct in-depth research across the industry to help you track the right trading partner, examine your competition, conclude your market share, discover new potential markets, evaluate the price/volume trends, save customs duty and other strategic information which gives you the competitive edge in your business.

International Freight Shipping And All The Associated Activities

If you are deliberate and serious about the international freight shipping, it becomes very important to mention right in the beginning that you have out across all the minute details which are directly or indirectly associated with the international cargo and freight movement. International freight shipping is a professional and an elaborate process which follows several streamlined modules one after another. Only a reliable and professional international freight shipping company can offer you the best in cargo and freight movement, and therefore, your key objective when shipping the household goods or vehicle or commercial cargo should be to search the best cargo and freight carrier altogether.

To being with, the international freight shipping company which will provides services to the export/import companies will include import/export Licensing, Transportation services, Container management; FCL (full cargo containers) and LCL (less than container load) and the freight quotations. The freight quotations will provide the precise knowledge on the international shipping quote. With the overseas shipping quote, you will get the best deals for exporting or importing the commercial cargo to and from the designated country.

The generic list of services offered by the international freight shipping company concerning include Insurance, Risk management and cargo loss prevention, Inland pick up of the cargo and its delivery to/from port; container loading and break bulk cargo loading; arranging customs for the bonded warehousing; storing the cargo and then transporting to free ports or special economic zones or trade zones which have subsidized customs regulations and taxes. Here again, you should precisely look into the international car shipping rates being charged under the general cargo and freight movement services. In this manner, you will be in a better position to decide on the shipping.

The international freight shipping company will also take the lead in offering services in the international shipping which will includes Warehouse to Warehouse insurance/ all risk insurance, Customs clearance, Customs brokerage; Customs binds, and also coordinate in the end-to-end delivery of the goods or commercial cargo.

Once you have gained the knowledge on all the discussed facts, it becomes your responsibility that you also clearly discuss on the container charges with the international car shipping company. The prices of containers may make the overall shipping quote to expense for you that ultimately you have to think twice before hiring the company. Furthermore, the international freight shipping rates may also vary with the prevailing economic conditions in the market.

One thing is quite clear and it is that with knowledge of all the international chipping procedures, all your hassles related to transportation of cargo will be settled. The only thing which needs to e settled now is international shipping documentation. For this purpose, you should immediately consult the international cargo and freight moving company. The company will provides you with the details on the customs duty and shipping documentation and as the result you will have smooth shipping activity.

Get ready to ship your household goods or commercial cargo, absolutely hassle free!